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Cattle Creep Gate for 8000HD and M8000 HD Advantage Feeder - CGNA



The CGNA Cattle Creep Gate is required for calf creep feeding with the 8000HD and M8000HD Advantage Feeders.  They fold up out of the way for transport and can be filled while in the upright position.  

The Creep Gates are Galvanized and come with a limited two year warranty. They have a height adjustable bar. 

You can choose to purchase one or two per feeder. Some people like to just purchase one and feed first time calvers on one side and creep feed their calves on the other. This size feeder does not have a split tank though so they would be eating the same type of feed. 

Prices for this model are picked up at Huber Ag Equipment in Alberta. Let us know if you would like a quote on delivery. 

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