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Renn Mill Center Inc. Grain Baggers

For over a decade, Renn has been proven best.  Stepping ahead by stepping up, Renn Mill Center Inc. always responds to your agricultural needs by designing the most efficient and value driven bagging and storage systems. 
Structural integrity and operational efficiency is proven in their Grain Bagger, delivering high capacity, commercial longevity, and operator convenience. You’ll bag with confidence, knowing your valuable commodities are handled with the utmost care and grains are being perfectly placed into supremely sealed environments.
Improve your bagging process no matter the volume, by choosing between a 10’ and 12’ bagger design for a combination of conveyor and/or surge hopper loading. Get field to field convenience with their 22′ conveyor and Renns full length auger; enabling your conveyor fill point to be low to the ground and establishing a low pivot point for maximum bagger travel.
Eliminate sealing problems with a control harness and tunnel designed that conforms around the natural shape of filled grain bags. Reduce bag stress, downtime, dragging and lifting, while the hydraulic conveyor lifts the full bag and cradle onto the tunnel and turns on transport mode in minutes, making your grain bagger unload time second to none. Then simply tie-off the bag and you’re set. 
Located in Lacombe, Alberta, Renn Mill Center Inc. supplies world class storage equipment including, various unloader models, livestock, crimper, P.T.O and Blower Mills, and commercial grain rollers.

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