LockNLube Grease Couplers
LockNLube Grease Couplers

LockNLube Grease Couplers

End Greasing Frustration.

The LockNLube® Grease Coupler locks onto the Zerk fitting with four jaws made from spring-steel, and are easily disengaged using a thumb lever via a sliding sleeve. When locked, a leak-proof seal is created, and the connection is positive and rigid, preventing the coupler from coming loose and breaking the seal.

LockNLube® Grease Coupler LockNLube® Grease Coupler in unlocked status

Key features include:

  • No leaking once locked on.
  • Will not release under pressure, and is rated up to 10,000 PSI
  • 1/8” NPT female thread is compatible with most grease guns.
  • Works on all Zerk fittings: SAE and Metric
  • Hands-free greasing. Once locked on, both hands are free to operate your grease gun.
  • Fully rebuildable, with free replacement seal and jaws included in purchase.
  • Works for both heavy-duty use or occasional greasing
  • Simply depress trigger to release, even under pressure.

Easy to Rebuild

LockNLube® includes a rebuild kit for each Grease Coupler they sell. If the coupler ever starts to leak, you can easily replace the rubber seal and the locking jaws to return to easy, leak-free, greasing.

LockNLube® packing, including rebuild kit

30-Day Refund Policy,
1-Year Warranty

LockNLube® have full confidence in their products, and provides both a 30-day refund policy and a 1-Year manufacturing warranty from time of purchase with either full replacement, or refunds offered.

30-Day Refund Policy 1-Year Warranty

Multiple Sizes

LockNLube® Grease Couplers come in two sizes: Normal, and XL for those hard to reach Zerks.

Regular vs XL LockNLube® Grease Couplers

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