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Ferobide is an innovative tungsten carbide composite material that combines a high level of wear resistance and toughness with the ease and reliability of a weldable material.

Unlike traditional tungsten carbide, Ferobide uses a steel matrix to bond the tungsten particles together. The unique forming process results in a wear resistance similar to traditional tungsten carbide while also allowing the tiles to be easily cut and welded in place. This, combined with superior toughness compared to traditional tungsten carbide products, makes FEROBIDE the ideal choice for high impact and high wear applications.

Ferobide vs Conventional Tungsten Carbide


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Conventional Tungsten Carbide

Conventional Tungsten Carbide Graph

Customer Testimonials

“I have been using Ferobide faced packer scrapers and subsoiler points for two months now. The packer scrapers have completed 1200 acres with no visible wear, standard ones need adjusting after 80 acres. We have also had subsoiled up to 950 acres without changing point metal.”

Nigel Knowles, Operator

“We welded Ferobide onto the openers and it looks they will last 5 times as long as standard. Easy to use and very versatile.”

Richard Elvidge
Operator at T Soans & Son, Yorkshire

“I was asked to do a trial with the new 8x40x4mm tiles back in March. We fitted half the scrapers on our cultivator with Ferobide and half were left plain, after 180 acres the plain scrapers were worn out but the Ferobide was untouched. I will always fit Ferobide in the future”

Henry Neave
Hillington, Kings Lynn

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