Come visit us at Agribition- Arena 4 Booth #1607 (November 20-25, 2017)

Fall has flown by, and before we were ready there was snow on the ground! The past few weeks have been hectic, with smaller sheep and goat shows in October, and then Farm Fair and Agri-trade last week. We are quickly catching our breath before heading to Agribition November 20-25, 2017. Come talk to us at Agribition and see some of our latest produ...
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March Newsletter

It has been a busy new year! Feels like it was just Christmas, and we are already a week away from spring break!!SPRING SPECIAL!! Get your Woollie Warmer today and receive free shipping until May 1st! We were thankful to have the Woollie Warmer this year, rather then dirtying up our bathtub while lambing. Love the fact that we are able to warm the ...
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New Product: Combi Clamp!

We have been asked to bring in the Combi Clamp, a sheep handling system from Scotland. After checking out this product we got excited about the difference it could make on our farm, as well as many others!

The Combi Clamp greatly decreases time and energy spent in drenching, vaccinating etc. You are also able to include a weighing system and other equipment. Testimonial guy commented “he could do a thousand a day without a sore back compared to the 100 before!”

Check out the video, prices and more info on our product page here!

Actual pricing may be dependent on exchange rate and size of order. Please note, there is a price increase coming February, 1st. We are looking at making an order before then. If you would like to be part of this order please let us know!

Estimated price list:

  • Unit with shedding gate, ramp and Auxillary frame- $4995 CAD
  • Shipping and brokerage to Edmonton, AB- $500 CAD
  • Unit with shedding gate, ramp and Auxillary frame - $3795 USD
  • Shipping and brokerage to Big Timber, MT- $600 USD

For more information feel free to contact us via email, text or phone! You can also visit our website for more details and to view other products we sell.

Equipping your business to work for you!

Myrna Huber

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 403-575-1977

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3in1Feeders January 2017 E-newsletter

Welcome to our first e-newsletter for 2017 and wishing all of our readers a Happy New Year!




We kick off 2017 by expanding our product range with the newly released 160 bushel feeder!

The feeder compliments the choice on offer in our Heavy Duty range providing a capacity of 160 bushels. 3IN1FEEDERS unique 3 way adjustment system can control rations as low as 5lb or less per head per day for cattle and 0.5lb or less per day for sheep and goats. What this means for farmers is less time spent refilling feeders and having to feed on the ground.

The feeder will take 50 head of cattle on a low ration of 5lb/head/day of barley an average of 33 days to empty it. Feeding stock higher quantities can easily be managed with even more convenience given the added benefit of being able to join the mobile units together in order to tow multiple units at once.




We have been hearing about areas in Eastern Canada having to manage increasing input costs with some very high hay prices this winter. This has brought some new challenges and opportunities for producers to review their feed systems to implement the most cost effective and efficient feeding methods. For some this can be feeding more grain and maybe feeding straw, etc.

Feeders has been conducting trials to compare quantities of supplement required with different feeding methods and how pasture utilization can be increased to lower consumption and increase stocking rates during the feed gap. See: or come and catch up with Myrna and Marlin of our upcoming trade shows!




Looking forward to seeing new faces and catching up with  many of our valued livestock producers at the Manitoba Ag Days from the 17th to 19th of January.  We will also be on site at the Bull Congress in Camrose, AB.

Scroll down for a list of upcoming shows and dates where we will be exhibiting, come along and don't forget to fill in a Lucky Draw form for chance to win a mineral a mineral attachment or $250 off a feeder!



Minerals and trace elements are required all year round but this time of year in particular brings in a flush of inquiries for supply of Mineral Attachments to assist in maintaining condition and minimizing losses during winter. Mineral deficiencies can seriously impact on the general health of the animal including poor feed conversion leading to weight loss and delayed readiness for re breeding.

Mineral Attachments can be fastened to your feeder or fitted to fence posts etc. with the bracketing provided. They are light, easy to move and ensure stock receive their nutritional requirements while reducing waste and labour.




Manitoba Ag Days- January 17-19, 2017

Bull Congress- January 27-28, 2017

Ag Expo- March 1-3, 2017

Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show- March 9-11, 2017





MB Ag Days, Manitoba - Laura Eberling

Bull Congress, Alberta - Andrew Willcock

Kelleyville Show, Oklahoma - Greg Dixon

Lethbridge Show, Alberta - Keith Kaynenblet K-Belt Farms

Wichita Falls Farm and Ranch Show, Texas - Edward Shelley

Oklahoma City Farm Show, Oklahoma - Lori Garrett

Great Bend Farm And Ranch Expo, Kansas - Brayden Black

Texas Cattle Raisers, Texas - Steve Dillinger

Farm Progress Show 2016 , Saskatchewan - Christopher Nail

All Canada Sheep Classic, Quebec - Judy Senior

Grasslands Sheep Show and Sale, Saskatchewan - Michelle Bryson

Canada’s Outdoor Show, Woodstock, Ontario - Mark Hazeleger

Westlock Sheep Show, Alberta - Tanya Savage

AGA Show, Alberta - Allen MacKinnon

Agri-Trade Show, Alberta - Ben Rudenburg

Farm Fair International, Alberta - Logan Jensen

Agribition, Saskatchewan - Gavin Nicol

Montanna Sheep Conference, Missouri - Kevin Knudson




George Homis of Dawson Creek, BC

“I used the 3800 model feeder for my heifers last year for control feeding grain and they did much better than the steers that were not on grain.  I bought another feeder for my steers to use this year!!”


Henry Steiner of Steiner Farms from Raymore, SK

“It is the greatest thing I've bought for my sheep. . . cost not bad considering the technology involved. . . not overly priced at all. I used it for flushing and it worked! It was deadly accurate! I could set my calendar and fill it exactly in the time frame that I expected. I gave my does 1.5 lbs of oats per day and weighed the pails at the beginning and figured out how long it should take them to eat that amount and it was dead accurate. It took a bit to set at the beginning but not bad. I love the Feeder! I would recommend it to anybody.”

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Fall Specials!

Well, I am not sure if I am ready for summer to be over but here we are – Kids are back in school, haying is getting wrapped up and harvest is in full swing! If you are looking for a better way to clean those combine air filters check out our September special of $350 for the Diesel Air Filter Cleaner.


We have had a great summer with moisture but as the pastures start to dry up we are getting more calls about creep feeders.  If you are looking to supplement your pasture with some creep feeding check out the results we have on feeding controlled barley with the 3in1Feeders.  We netted over $100 more per calf by control feeding barley then by offering no creep feed and had significantly better results with control feeding barley then free choice feeding oats.


Although the creep feeder purchase was not included in the equation enough profit was made to pay for a creep feeder in 60 days of creep feeding controlled barley.  Check out the trials at 

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